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The Variational Principles of Mechanics

Cornelius Lanczos

Mechanics of Materials

Barry J. Goodno, James M. Gere, and Stepehen P.  Timoshenko (in previous edition)

Structural Analysis

R. C. Hibbeler

Engineering Mechanics: Statics & Dynamics

R. C. Hibbeler

Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics & Dynamics

Beer, Johnston et al.

Mechanical Vibrations

S. S. Rao

Fundamentals of Vibrations

Leonard Meirovitch

Dynamics of Structures

A. K. Chopra

Energy Principles and Variational Methods in Applied Mechanics

J. N. Reddy

Mathematical Foundations of Elasticity

J. E. Marsden and Thomas J. R.  Hughes

Theory of Elasticity

S. P. Timoshenko and J. N. Goodier

The Finite Element Method

Thomas J. R. Hughes

Nonlinear Finite Elements for Continua and Structures

Ted Belytschko et al.

Introduction to Continuum Mechanics

W. Michael Lai and David Rubin et al.

Fluid Mechanics

Yunus Cengel and John Cimbala

Vectors, Tensors, and the Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics

Rutherford Aris

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

Steven H. Strogatz

Structural Health Monitoring: A Machine Learning Perspective

Charles R. Farrar and Keith Worden

Applied Mechanics

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