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  • Writer's pictureMayank Chadha, Ph.D.

Shape reconstruction of slender structures using strain measurements

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Keywords: Shape Sensing, Geometrically-Exact Beam, Material Frame, Basis Function, Mechanics, Inverse Modelling

This research proposes the approach for determining the three-dimensional global displaced shape of slender structures from a limited set of scalar surface strain measurements. It is an exhaustive approach that captures the effect of curvature, shear, torsion, and elongation. The theory developed provides both a determination of the uniaxial strain (in a given direction) anywhere in the structure and the deformed shape, given a set of strain values. The approach utilizes Cosserat rod theory and exploits a localized linearization approach that helps to obtain a local basis function set for the displacement solution in the Cosserat frame. For the assumed deformed shape (both the mid-curve and the cross-section orientation), the uniaxial value of strain in any given direction is obtained analytically, and this strain model is the basis used to predict the shape via an approximate local linearized solution strategy. Error analysis due to noise in measured strain values and in uncertainty in the proximal boundary condition is performed showing uniform convergence with increased sensor count.

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